Real Estate Inspections (Level II Chimney and Venting Inspections)


When your are buying a house and enter  into a purchase and sale agreement, you usually have 10 to 15 days to  get any inspections done, prior to finalizing your agreement and moving  ahead to closing.  Most buyers know to get inspections of the whole house  by a general home inspection company and then specific inspections of  things like termites, septic systems and radon emissions.  Too often  chimney considerations are ignored at this time.

Most  realtor associations acknowledge the important code recommendations of  the National Protection Association Standard 211, which requires a  "Level II" inspection "upon sale or transfer of the property" (NFPA 211,  Table 14.3.1); and realtors, when being thorough, will usually  recommend that a separate chimney inspection be done as part of the  overall inspection scenario.

This  inspection by a CSIA certified chimney service will carefully examine  the chimney above the roofline, in the attic, throughout the house and  in the basement, checking on overall repair and code worthiness, with an  eye to maximum safety and performance.  All heating systems –  like central heat, water heaters, fireplaces and heating stoves –  should be examined and at least partially disconnected for thorough  observation.  When we perform a "Level II", we will also observe issues  of clearances and proper masonry construction.  We are particularly  concerned about whether all chimneys are lined.  Our comprehensive  report will include pictures and estimates of attendant costs, and it  will be emailed, faxed and/or mailed to you and your real estate agent  within 24 hours of the time of inspection (often within a few hours!).   The usual cost for this service is $250.00, but small, simple houses may  cost less and large, tall, complicated houses with multiple chimneys  may cost more.  Please try to give us a few days notice to schedule an  appointment, but we can usually respond to whatever your time fame may  be when you are "in a pinch"!