Chimney Caps


 With Animal Guards and Spark Arrestors

We believe that every chimney would benefit from a protective raincap!


  1. Water Is The Big Enemy!​  When it penetrates masonry, it activates acids and causes masonry  corrosion and rusting dampers.  It breaks things up when freeze-thaw  cycles occur.  It leaches out both calcium salts and sooty deposits and  then stains chimney exteriors, and even interior house walls.  Water  carries odors and encourages moss and lichen growth, as well as mold.  Raincaps are your first and best line of defense!
  2. Raincaps  with meshed sides keep out critters, that can block venting with their  nests and dead bodies, and also spread disease and parasites and cause  horrible damage if they get inside your house.  We often have to deal  with birds, squirrels, flying squirrels, and raccoons who are happy to  call your chimney home.
  3. Meshed raincaps also guard against sparks and flying embers emerging to damage roofs or start structure or brush fires.

Types of Raincaps

Stainless Steel


  Our biggest selling caps are stainless  steel — sometimes single flue caps, but usually multiflue, custom fit to  cover the hole chimney top for maximum protection.  These caps all have  meshed sides.  Lifetime warranty.  Can be spray painted black for a  small extra charge. 



 Handsome, similar to stainless steel but  less durable, and 2 - 3 times more expensive.  Long lasting but no  warranty provided.  Can be allowed to age ("brown up") or can be  pretreated to preserve burnished copper look.  Vulnerable to wind damage  because of malleability.  Vulnerable acid damage where oil and gas  flues are involved. 



 Masonry construction with 1 1/2" - 2" thick  gray blue slate on brick pillars, usually approximately 4 bricks high.   Handsome and usually meets any "historic district" requirements.  Mesh  protection is extra.  Durable but no specific warranty.  More difficult  to service.  Custom-sized; about twice as expensive as stainless steel.  

Peaked "Bishops" Style Cap


  Brick construction.   Distinctive but expensive and somewhat impractical with regard to  servicing.  Often existing on older, unlined chimneys. 

Chimney Pot


  Striking European good looks, but hard to  service.  Doesn't always protect much of the chimney top itself.  Clay  construction or copper construction — wide variety of decorative  designs.  Usually one pot per flue. 

Masonry Slab