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New Construction


  • Brick, block or stone construction
   • New houses; additions or renovations in existing houses
   • Fireplaces — standard (deep-sized fireboxes)
   • High performance heat-throwing "Rumford®" style, shallower fireplaces (Colonial era Style)
   • Bellfires® ultra-high performance, precast firebox and smoke chamber components

Facing and Hearth Extensions



Interior Finish Options for Fireplace — Facing and Hearth Extensions

• Brick — full or thin "veneer"
   • Stone — real or "cultured" veneer
   • Bluestone
   • Slate
   • Tile
   • Marble
   • Granite




Rebuilding, Replace  or relay brickwork, in whole or in part, from roofline up or from some  appropriate point below the roofline on up.  Optional flashing  replacement offered at the same  time.  Use matching brick, as close as possible, and as available.   Stage as needed.  Protect roof and grounds.  Clean up well.

Miscellaneous Repairs



Repointing — grind out bad mortar joints and replace with deep, new cement joints

   • Hairline crack repair — sometimes we seal minor cracks with Crack Magik® elastomeric compound or, occasionally, silicone

• Crown repair/rebuild at chimney top
° Repair, enhance with trowelled Portland cement mix

      ° Skim coat repair with CrownCoat® elastomeric compound (warranty = 7 years)

° Thick cast concrete crown, often with drip edge overhang

      ° Decorative cast concrete crown using artistic Styrofoam forms

Other Repairs, Enhancements



   • Severe brick damage — if badly eroded (spalled), crumbled, "punky" or extensively cracked

   • Replace, "tooth-in" selected bad bricks

   • "Structural Skin" encasement  of chimney exterior both outside and inside applications.  Trowelled on  application of either white or gray ( other tints

      possible) Portland cement-based compound with fiberglass fibers.   Extremely durable, bonded to chimney surface with the help of an acrylic  latex bonding agent.  Less expensive than repointing or rebuilding.

   • Water Repellent  applied to chimney exterior, above or outside of roof and siding. We  use ChimneySaver® silicone-based, clear, breathable penetrant.
​    10 year warranty.  Water-based product will not harm vegetation, siding or roofing

Flashing Repairs

          ° Full or partial replacement of lead, copper or aluminum flashing

          ° FlashSeal® system with fiberglass cloth and elastomeric mastic (7 year warranty)

          ° Touch up with clear silicone or roof tar for minor splits, cracks or gaps

Other Repairs, Upgrades



• Install new thimbles — stainless steel usually

   • Install cleanout doors, inspection doors, ash dump doors — usually cast iron — gasketed and insulated versions available

    • Rebuild, reshape, seal deteriorated or poorly designed "smoke  chamber" (area directly above damper/throat).  This is a critical area  for both safety and performance.  
     We rebuild with bricks and mortar, but also with Smoktite™, an insulated ceramic spray, and Chamber Tech 2000® an insulated
     refractory cement (you can click on both products for further information).

    • We can enhance ugly or "plain" looking (e.g., block) chimneys with  brick, cultured stone, stucco and a variety of other veneers, as  desired, both indoors and outdoors.