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Dryer Vent service

Dryer  vents are one of the least known and most risky areas of damage, danger  and destruction in your home!  Why should we service your dryer venting  system, specifically?

Lint clogs the vent path with the following results:

1.  Moisture is not extracted and expelled efficiently — longer dryer times.

2.  Your dryer has to work harder and longer, shortening its life.

3.  Heating costs increase.

4.  The lint is flammable.

5.  Total blockages can eventually occur to interrupt service.

6.  Clogs can take extra labor and cost to remove, especially in long, convoluted vents.

7.  Unblocking a badly clogged vent sometimes damages the vent itself, especially if it is constructed of subpar materials.

*At  least 50% of the venting systems for dryers we service are subpar and  subcode.  These issues need to be resolved in each household before  there are serious or inconvenient consequences.

1.  Vinyl hose should never be used as a connector from dryer vent to wall — only aluminum (flexible) or steel.

2.  Flexible (aluminum) hose should not be used behind the dryer room wall — only rigid aluminum or steel.

3.   Flexible vent hose collects lint faster, and it's too flimsy, risking  perforation during cleaning, and expensive repairs when beyond the wall.  

4.  Screws should  not be used as fasteners since they collect lint and impede flow —  aluminum tape should be used instead, or rivets at most.

*The  lint traps in dyers themselves are a notorious collection point for  flammable lint — both around the outer basket, and also deeper inside  the unit.  These areas need periodic cleaning.

*Dryer Vent Services:

1.  Anytime, all year round.

2.  Discounts apply at time of chimney inspection/cleaning or during the winter months (January 15 through April 30).

3.  Your cost will depend on the complexity of your dryer venting system and ease of access — usually $169.00 to $300.00.

4.   Our technicians have passed an extensive exam on the proper inspection  and maintenance of dryer vents, including applicable codes and standards  relating to these systems and are recognized as Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians® (C-DET) by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).