Animal Removal & PRevention


 Helping  get rid of "varmints" like squirrels sometimes brings us face-to-face  with other risks like this red fox looking to score some dinner.  This  photo taken February 2010 on our client's back deck. 


 Birds — sit around up top, defecate on roof,chimney  and damper, and (oddly) peck holes in flashing.  Sometimes they fall  down in or get stuck part way down blocking the flue.  Chimney swifts  love chimneys and build their small nests, sticking them onto the  chimney sides.  Since they are a protected species, we can't clean or  line the chimney during their nesting times, June through August!  We'll  clear out unwanted or trapped visitors and, again, cap your chimney. 


   Squirrels — build nests and block off chimneys and then sometimes find  their way into your house, especially if they fall down and can't get  back up the chimney.  Dead squirrels smell really bad!  We chase 'em out  and clean the chimney and put on a cap. 


 Racoons — cute but a heap of trouble.   They love to seek shelter and security on the smoke shelf behind your  fireplace damper where they birth their litters.  Soon you'll hear the  high pitched squeaks of their brood.  Meanwhile the urine and feces and  roundworms build up, and rabies is an issue.  We'll chase the mama out,  extricate the babies and leave them outside in a safe place for mama  coon to retrieve later, and then clean the chimney — yuck!  Warn your  neighbors that they're headed their way.  Then you'll need a meshed  raincap!